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Written by Paul 'Zoot' Williams   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 07:00

The Birth Of Good Hooker - Part 1

When I was seventeen I would be down Pacca's house all the time. We were lifelong friends and we would go up into his bedroom and listen to Slayer, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Metallica - I think you get the picture. Pacca would push away all the traffic cones and flashing lights that paccahe had nicked from town to pick up his guitar and start playing some of the riffs that he had made up. I would listen to him and sip away the odd can.

One day when I got home my parents asked me what I wanted for my eighteenth birthday - I thought to myself that Sid Vicious was famous and couldn't play bass, Nikki Sixx was famous and couldn't play bass, so my answer was "a bass guitar please!"

The morning of my 18th I woke up and went downstairs where my parents wished me happy birthday and gave me my present. It was an Aria Pro ZZB Deluxe bass guitar with zebra stripes on it. I was over the moon. I now felt famous. I went upstairs and started to bollock the strings in my bedroom for an hour. I came back downstairs with a headache.

When all the boys phoned me up to wish me happy birthday I told them straight away that I hadbass a bass for my birthday. They were pleased for me but little did they know this was the start of my stardom. On that night we all went out; me, Darrel, the Twins, Slim, Pacca, Greavsy and all the rest of the clan to celebrate my birthday and the birth of my Aria Pro ZZB Deluxe with zebra stripes. We hit the town and Slim took me home by the scruff of my neck after I drank a death pint which all the boys chipped in 50p each for. Slim knocked my house door. When my dad came to the door Slim asked him if this thing belonged to him. Slim was holding me up by my collar as I was cunted. When he let me go I fell headfirst into the ash bins - my dad was not amused.

I got up the next day and my mouth was as dry as a nun's fanny. I drank a gallon of water, went back upstairs and started to play some vibes on my bass. Later that night I went down Pacca's coomerbedroom and we had a jam session for an hour. I learned 'Trash Queen' and 'Anarchy In The UK'. I was a fucking natural. John Entwistle would have asked me for tuition.

I bought The Beano the next morning coz there were free Gnasher stickers with the comic. I stuck them on my bass coz I am thrash.

After a few months of pinching traffic cones and jamming in Pacca's bedroom, me and Pacca met up with two boys from Abertillery, Will and Jazz. We got talking and asked Will, who is a drummer, if he would be interested in starting a band. "Fuck yeah" he replied. We then asked Jazz if he would like to sing in the band - "No probs" he said. "Okay then" I said "it's a deal." We arranged to practice up in Will's bedroom the following Sunday. This was the birth of our new band, this was the birth of GOOD HOOKER.

Join me for Part 2 and I will tell you how we chose our songs and lyrics and how we changed rock 'n' roll......