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Written by Gustav Ljung   
Sunday, 24 March 2013 04:00



Stallion Four are a classic rock-obsessed five-piece from Uppsala, Sweden who released a great full-length debut, 'Rough Times', via Pure Rock Records last summer. Now the band's bass player, Gustav Ljung, becomes the latest victim of Uber Rock's Midnite Mixtape Massacre - hit that link to discover his ultimate thirteen song mixtape.....


1.) 'Shot Down In Flames' - AC/DC (from the album 'Highway To Hell')


A personal favourite of the ultimate hard rock band. The whole 'Highway to Hell' album I could mention, there is not a single weak minute on the entire disc. Bon Scott on top. But when it comes to AC/DC it is so with every album until 'Flick of the Switch', complete discs altogether so it is difficult to choose only one song when there are so very many good albums. And even today they deliver on the top, just check the 'Black Ice', great record.


2.) 'Saturday Night Special' - Lynyrd Skynyrd (from the album 'Nuthin' Fancy')


A heavy rocker from one of my absolute favourite bands. The ultimate Southern rock band and Ronnie Van Zant, one of the best singers ever, such an incredible feeling in his voice. And incredible guitar playing in most of the songs. It is also difficult to choose only one song, would like to select at least 20. Every album from the '70s era is just fantastic, goose bumps every time you listen to them.


3.) 'Too Hot To Handle' - UFO (from the album 'Lights Out')


A difficult choice, might as well have taken the song 'Love to Love', both from their best album in my thoughts, 'Lights Out'. A true masterpiece from a band that is on top. The guitar playing of Michael Schenker is magical and Phil Mogg's vocals have such awesome feeling. To me, underrated band.


4.) 'Children Of The Grave' - Black Sabbath (from the album 'Master of Reality')


The heaviest band of all time and a song from perhaps their heaviest album, 'Master of Reality'. It's almost hard to believe that such a heavy and hard album was released in 1971. A juggernaut compared to all other music from that time. Riffs, sound and Ozzy's distinctive awesome voice makes them totally unique!


5.) 'Desert Plains' - Judas Priest (from the album 'Point of Entry')gustavemixtape
The best Priest album for me is 'Screaming for Vengeance' or 'Stained Class', but one of my absolute favourite songs is 'Desert Plains' from an otherwise fairly anonymous album, 'Point of Entry'. Incredible feeling in this song and an almost chanting vocal. Rob Halford's voice is absolutely amazing. The ultimate heavy metal band of all time!!

6.) 'No Voices in the Sky' - Motorhead (from the album '1916')


Fantastic song from the album which I personally think is their strongest album ever, '1916' - a true masterpiece - but it's tough competing with the album 'Ace of Spades'. Do not think there will ever be any tougher person than Lemmy, so unique and genuine!
7.) 'Paradise City' - Guns N' Roses (from the album 'Appetite For Destruction')


Maybe boring to mention just this song, but it is absolutely stunning. From, of course, one of the best albums ever made. Everything is perfect so it is hardly possible to pick just one. Will go back to when I heard this song the first time in the late '80s and I remember to this day how blown away I was, that's why I choose this particular song. It has a bit of everything!!!


8.) 'Shooting Star' - Bad Company (from the album 'Straight Shooter')


Half the group Free in a new band. A song from their best album in my opinion, 'Straight Shooter'. For me, the term "Classic rock" personified. Paul Rodgers' voice is absolutely world class! I saw the band live at Sweden Rock Festival in 2012 and can prove that he sings just as good now as then.


9.) 'We Can Not Be Beaten' - Rose Tattoo (from the album 'Scarred For Life')


Outlaw rock 'n' roll, I would call this great band. Feels really down the street in the tough neighborhood of the music and lyrics. And Angry Anderson, a cruel personality at the microphone. This song is from the masterpiece 'Scarred for Life' - a really great album with so many great songs.


10) 'C'mon and Love Me' - KISS (from the album 'Dressed To Kill')


From 'Dressed to Kill' - how to choose the right song with this band, almost impossible. Maybe the intro solo of Ace Frehley and above all the great live shot from Alive 1 of this song is the one that makes me decide. Who does not crave a beer when you hear this?? A band on top that just poured out a lot of great albums at this time.


11.) 'My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)' - Ramones (from the album 'Animal Boy')


Although this is the '80s and I could have chosen any song completely from the '70s. This song absolutely stunning but I want to mention that the band's best album is 'Leave Home', I think. They are, to me, the first and best punk band ever. Opened up so many that music does not have to be difficult but it is sufficient if it is good. A good song is a good song, and there you can thank the Ramones for so much!!


12.) 'Starstruck' - Rainbow (from the album 'Rising')


I feel I need to bring something with Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Might as well take a song from Black Sabbath time or my favourite song with DIO, 'The Last in Line'! But 'Starstruck', from the masterpiece 'Rising', feels good because you get even elements of Deep Purple! Ronnie's considered by many to be the best hard rock singer of all time and I agree with at least one of the best ever ....


13.) 'Madness' - Stallion Four (from the album 'Rough Times')


I just had to finish with a song from my own band, maybe a bit taboo ;) The song 'Madness' from our debut album, 'Rough Times'. The whole song is very much representative of how we sound, a bit of a benchmark for us. Straight forward, energy, honestly, not so much thinking. Music that is great to party to, I would describe it! Horsepower rock 'n' roll!!