Tyla J Pallas – ‘Ye Old 20th Century Demos’/’As You Are Now – Stories, Songs, Poems And Doodles Volume One’ (King Outlaw Records) Print
Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 02 April 2017 04:00

Tyla artworkPsstt, come closer folks I've got something to show you!  The Homer of Wolverhampton is out of the cellar - and this time for your delectation he hasn't just got some tasty tunes but a wonderful coffee table book full of a bit of what you fancy… and there is also an option to have the bloody thing hand tinted as well.  Don't hang about though, because the author isn't letting the dust settle and is already onto Volume Two!


Let’s have a gander at the accompanying CD of top tunes first, containing 16 songs at various stages of completion: some with band, some working sketches, and some real delights. 'Break The Spell' is, and always has been a lovely song, and here its stripped bare, with a lovely toned guitar accompanied by the trusty old harmonica and layered vocals on the chorus. It’s a great CD to put on in the background whilst you sit back and peruse the book, wandering through short anecdotes and doodlings.  'Cost Of Lovin' is a live studio run through the Hot Knives’ number, complete with false start.  A rare insight into a world that many fans never get to hear as artists pour over their work.  


Some of Tyla's finest songs are laid bare here, like 'Error Of My Ways' and a rough take of 'Even Angels' that's spliced with a live recording of 'Everdoright' and back into 'Even Angels' to end.  'Fake' is another home recording that shows just how fine and simple a song can be, yet still captivate and have the listener holding onto every word - much like the take of 'Fool', that is a far cry from the version that appeared on 'Happy Ever After'.


'Hour Of Need' is a full band recording, as is the fantastic 'North Of Darkness': had it been written by Nick Cave this would be gushed over by the media whores for its lush strings that paint a melancholic soundscape that is one of Tyla's finest pieces of work both musically and lyrically since going solo. In contrast, 'One Way Return' sounds like an artists sketch recorded in an outdoor shithouse so he didn't forget the lyrics or chords as they pour out.  A great song both recorded with full band that sounded like it had a full gale in its sales or as an acoustic recording, great song!


There are a couple of tunes up next that never got finished, as far as I'm aware, then an acoustic doodling of 'Singin' before a short spoken word musing about money and credits which segue ways nicely into one of my favourite ever Dogs songs, 'Sometimes', which for me is an awesome way to end the CD side of this release - apart from the delightful 'The Only One'.


Onto the main item of this release: this wonderful book that now sits nicely on a coffee table, where it shall stay and when the sun shines; and I'm looking for five minutes to relax and chill out, I might afford myself a glass of Chianti and peruse through the drawings and anecdotes and drift off with a smile into some insights into a world I followed from afar, that has been pretty much with me throughout my adult life and pretty much been a big part of the soundtrack of adulthood.


If you are drawn towards the artwork of Tyla, then you're in for a treat with the hand tinted watercolours which accompany many of the pages in this book.  Clearly a lot of time and effort has been poured into this labour of love and the result is stunning. With 200 pages to keep you occupied, this A4 size book is a real treat – and, if you want my opinion then the deluxe version, with the head tinted pictures and accompanying CD is a no brainer and something you will be glad you invested the little extra in.


With this volume in hand, I can't wait for the next one.  A style of writing and painting that really appeals to me, regardless of the music on offer. Bring on Volume Two - and then Three, if you so please minstrel. Play on… oh, and more wine!


You can buy your copy, in whatever format you choose, directly from www.tylasarttavern.com.


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