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Sunday, 10 June 2012 04:00

With the news that original Vixen members Janet Gardner, Roxy Petrucci and Share Ross were regrouping - with Gina Stile who played guitar on Vixen's 'Tangerine' album completing the line-up - as VXN I decided that the time was right to revisit a great interview that I did with Share in October 2008 for the Glitzine website.


The ladies have since decided upon the name JANETSHAREROXYGINA - aka JSRG - in order to make it clear that they are a different band to Vixen, the band that still exists with guitarist Jan Kuehnemund as its sole original member, but the facts are still very much the same: fans are excited at the prospect of seeing the band, almost, reunited.


My interview with Share, who made her name as Share Pedersen before marrying former Dogs D'Amour drummer Bam Ross, talks of her time in Vixen, and everything after that point up to October 2008 when it was published. The interview is presented here in unedited form, exactly as it was four years ago, the original intro and ending intact. Okay, some of the questions are a little dated now - and this was still when I thought it hilarious to include a question about Jon Mikl Thor in every interview I undertook - but it still reads well and is pretty damn cool if I say so myself. Enjoy.....




Touring the world as a member of Vixen; being part of a Bobby Blotzer-driven supergroup; marrying a member of The Dogs D'Amour and then touring and recording with the legendary band; an appearance in arguably the most notorious of all metal movies - what more cool ammunition could an interviewer ask for?


I just knew that Share Ross would be a great person to interview and, happily, she proved to be more than up to the task. Intelligent, funny and cool as fuck, Share tells it how it was and like it is. With the first Bubble show in a couple of years still fresh in the memory, I couldn't think of a better time to catch up with her. So we begin, somewhat predictably, on the edge of a broken heart......



What was the story behind you becoming a member of Vixen?


It was simple destiny. Jan, the guitarist, had seen me play around Hollywood and had given me her number on a bit of bar napkin. One day a few months after meeting her, I came across an article about this band, Vixen. I called her thinking maybe I could go to their gigs and find a band to be in as I wasn't happy in my current situation. As fate would have it, the day I phoned was the very day that they had fired their current bass player. Weird or what?


The journey from obscurity to the height of Vixen's fame must have been something of an eye opener?!


It was definitely shocking. Things happened so fast once the wheels started turning. Going to Europe for the first time was my favorite memory. It was like a dream! But yeah, it was weird to go from being this session bass player to being a 'rockstar' bass player! Hilarious.


The height of that fame obviously being your appearance in The Decline Of Western Civilisation Part II : The Metal Years! How did you become involved in that project and what are your memories of that cult flick today?


I think we ran into Penelope [Spheeris] in a bathroom somewhere and she was like... "Are you all a band?"... the rest is history. If you wanna call it that. I always thought I looked and sounded like a complete idiot in that film and much prefer PJ Wolfe's Hollywood film 'Badsville'. But then... I would, wouldn't I?!


Be honest - at any point during your time with Vixen, did anyone ever tell Jan Kuehnemund that her hairstyle made it look like she was wearing a Davy Crockett hat at all times?


Ha! OMG! No... but she did openly call her stripey bit the raccoon stripes. But I tell ya... her fans adored that hair. No question about it. I always thought she had enough hair for five people. Crazy. Amazing she didn't put her neck out from washing it!


2004 saw Vixen get the Bands Reunited treatment on the hit VH-1 show. How did you feel about the show at the time and have your thoughts changed in the years that have followed?


I think it was great closure. It was really great to play those songs at this point in my life. I mean... I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin now and somehow that has made me truly appreciate the brilliant ride that Vixen was. We were very fortunate to play and record and tour the globe. Wow. What a great time we had!!! Plus seeing Janet and Roxy and Jan all at once ... it really brought back wonderful memories.


You certainly came out of Vixen being the coolest member, with the live performance at the climax of the VH-1 show being testament to that fact - it looked like there was this badass rock 'n' roller possessed by the spirit of Suzi Quatro up on stage alongside a couple of school teachers!


Awwwww. Thank you. Well, ya know... I just do what I do. I think everyone else looked good too, though. It ain't about bein' cool, it's all about being true to who you are.


The supercool New York Dolls shirt that you wore for that live performance on Bands Reunited appeared to be the same one you were wearing when you were initially approached by the host, and also in the video for Bubble's 'Deadender' - what was going on there? Slipknot change their outfits more often than that!!!


Ha!!! Funny you should mention that. When that damn film crew burst in and announced they were there for me, the first thing I did was glance down to see what the fuck I was wearing. I remember thinking, "Oh thank god I'm wearing a NY Dolls shirt!" But you're right... I gotta get some new clothes! See, I have this problem. I HATE shopping. I mean.. HATE IT! I don't know why.. it just bugs me. I'm bored after 10 minutes. so yeah... for the next Bubble gig I am NOT wearing that shirt. In fact, I haven't worn it now for at least a year. So maybe I'm improving! Ya wanna know a sad and strange thing? The night that VH1 accosted me and I was wearing that NY Dolls shirt was the same night that Arthur Kane died. I always thought that was kinda eerie.


I saw you at Hammersmith Odeon in 1988 when Vixen supported The Scorpions. Did you ever see Klaus and the gang practising their human pyramid and, if so, is it true that they did it wearing just leather underwear?


They definitely wear leather underwear. But I'm not telling you how I know that.


How did you become involved with the 'supergroup' Contraband that featured Tracii Guns, Bobby Blotzer, Richard Black and Michael Schenker?


The lie: We were all best pals from hangin' out in Hollywood bands and decided to record an album together.


The truth: We all shared a manager who wanted to launch his own record label with a 'supergroup' comprised of one member from each band he managed.


Yeah, the truth hurts don't it?


How was the entire Contraband experience because, let's face it, there were at least a couple of notoriously 'difficult' band members and Michael Schenker is, to be honest, an insaniac?!?


The experience itself was alright for me. I got along fine with everyone. In fact, I became quite good friends with Michael at that time. He and I had many long talks and jammed a lot off the record. It is a great memory for me. Getting to record cool songs with no responsibility? Yeah. That's always fun!


How did you meet the living legend that is Bam from The Dogs D'Amour and has it been a stroll taming this one-time Wildheart?


Ahhh... now you are getting to the heart of the matter. We met because I had a boyfriend who was friends with him. In the early '90s we all formed a band; me, Bam, my bf, Jo [Almeida], Robert Stoddard and even Janet Gardner from Vixen would sit in a lot. We played covers from our fave bands and every gig became progressively drunker! Ha! As for taming Bam? Naw... I haven't tamed him. He has just found his own happiness through writing music and being able to express himself now. I think it's a path we all seek.


You and Bam formed Bubble - was this band purely you guys playing music that you loved?


It was just so we could get our rocks off at the time. We never intended for Bubble to be a full time band. Funny how that worked out.


Alex Kane, Eric Stacy, Brent Muscat, etc., etc. - Bubble has had almost as many members as Traci Lords!


Tell me about it! Now we have Dat T. Ngo as our new bass player. I don't know why we changed members so much. Some of it was just because the members went on to other things... like Alex had to become AntiProduct! But some of it was just searching for the right people and at the same time, we were changing and evolving so the band had to change as well. Wow. Complicated answer. I guess... bands are like malleable clay and ya either change with it or ya don't!


Seriously, Bubble were/are (more later!) a great band and you were rightly recognised with a songwriting award and a couple of Best Female Guitarist awards - how cool was that?!?


The Song Of The Year Award was probably one of the singular coolest moments in my life. Definitely felt GREAT! As for the guitar awards? That is shocking to me. I still find it amazing.


Given the radical departure from the commercial rock of Vixen to the trashier sound of Bubble, you must have had feedback from fans of your former band. A quick look at the 'Deadender' video on You Tube highlights a comment from an obviously deluded former fan who simply asks, "Share, what happened?"


I never know how to respond to comments like that. Simply put, music like life is an evolution for me and Bubble had a trashier sound than Vixen... but who knows what the next musical adventure might bring? Anything is possible and I live outside of limitations. Period.


When The Dogs D'Amour reformed in 2000 you replaced the unavailable Steve James on bass duties, recording the album 'Happy Ever After'. How did you feel about stepping into those well-worn cowboy boots?


Nervous would be an understatement. I was a FAN of The Dogs D'Amour so playing with them was really cool. It's weird in the sense that I'm married to Bam and I'm best friends with Jo ... but playing with them in the band they've had together for so many years was totally sharejanetdifferent. Suddenly, I was an outsider and it was immediately obvious that they knew how to read each other's minds musically. They gave me some surprises here and there and when all is said and done, I hope that Dogs fans like that album. I'm proud of it.


I saw you with The Dogs supporting Alice Cooper on the UK leg of his tour, dubbed 'Monsters Of Rock'. I was impressed - although you were on waaay too early! - and would be interested to hear how accepting the hardcore Dogs fans were of you during that time!


Yeah, that tour was a BLAST! I'd say much to my amazement, that Dogs fans were pretty cool about me playing in place of Steve. I'm sure there were a few that were still upset. But Steve did join us in Brighton for a number and hopefully, that quelled their angst and let them know that we had his blessing. The tour itself was incredible. Seeing and hearing Alice Cooper play every night for three months was something I'll never forget. That guy is a true rock legend.


Let's cast that dirty rock 'n' roll to the side for a moment and concentrate on knitting! Tell us a little about your Punk Knits project - those skull needles were just too cool! - and the impressive list of people who you got to model for you; Texas Terri, Calico Cooper, Roy Mayorga and Jo 'Dog' Almeida to name just a few!


It all started with a light hobby of pursuing knitting as something to do when I was watching telly. Then one thing led to another and before I knew it, after only about two years of knitting, there was a book deal on the table. Bam and I just sorta dive into things and this was definitely one of those moments! The photo shoots were really fun in the sense of getting all of those folks to wear stuff that me and my knitting pals had designed. Wow. I hope that Punk Knits will eventually serve as some sort of time capsule of the Hollywood scene.


Raw Pirate Gourmet is a project that is obviously close to your heart - tell us a little about the facts behind this and your hopes for the future of the project.


Bam got us into the whole raw vegan lifestyle about 2.5 years ago. It started as a light experiment to see how we liked it and if it made us feel any different. It has been the single biggest change in our lives. We would love to bring living foods into everyone's daily regime. There is one episode up and one short piece up on the site right now - We also try to add posts to our blog on a regular basis too since filming takes a lot more time.


Obviously, because you are not busy enough, you've got Bubble back together and you played a show last month!!


Well, we did play a gig as Bubble and it went off fabulously well. We played the Viper Room in Hollywood and the crowd went crazy which was very nice. However.... read the next answer.....


New bass player, new songs - what is the plan for the future of Bubble?


We have decided since we have a new bass player, Dat T. Ngo and so many new songs... that we are not going to be Bubble anymore! So that gig was our last show as Bubble. The new band is The Lovestains. Website and myspace coming soon. will be updated very soon, we promise.


The stories of you recording new material with Roxy Petrucci and Janet Gardner never seem to go away......


Yes, I know! Right now, they are just stories. I read them with great interest.


One last question and it's a big one - if Jon Mikl Thor (hot water bottle blower-upper and constant botherer of both iron bars and telephone directories, and star of classic movie 'Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare' aka 'The Edge Of Hell') asked you to tour the world as his bass player, would you do it? His resurrection must be mere months away - this could happen!


Of course I would. But only if I could wear the wickedest goth gear known to mankind and dye my hair black.



And that, bruthas & sistas, is that! Huge thanks to Share for agreeing to the grilling - a big hello to her husband! 'Badsville' is available from all good DVD stockists and some bad ones too. It really is a great watch - check it out. 'The Metal Years' is available on dodgy Asian DVD from Ebay.


To pick up a copy of the classic 'Vixen' debut album - CLICK HERE