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Written by Inverted CruciFox   
Sunday, 02 June 2013 04:00



The 7 Gates of Hell opened earlier this year, spewing the awesome 'Mano A Satano' album from the Australian NWOBHM-tinged bunch of occultists The Neptune Power Federation in the direction of URHQ. Uber Rock couldn't let the chance to pick at the scab of the band's musical influence get away so we caught up with guitarist Inverted CruciFox, the latest victim of the Midnite Mixtape Massacre.....


1.) 'Let There Be Rock' - AC/DC (from the album of the same name)


It was difficult to narrow my AC/DC choice to one song but I eventually went with this. Like all their '70s stuff it has great production and performance, with aggression and precision in equal parts. Throw in the born-to-play-it Bon Scott role of rock and roll preacher-man and you have a classic track. Trivia note: TNPF drummer River Styx is the world's premier Malcolm Young air guitar mime artist.


2.) 'Get Down And Get With It' - Slade (from the album 'Slade Alive')


This is even trickier given my mad devotion to all things Slade - I could have raved about 50 different songs here. After much thought I settled for the ball tearing live version of their first hit from the phenomenal 'Alive' album. I adore every note of this track. The HiWatt stack shaking guitar sound, Noddy's incomparable howling vocal, and the unique atmosphere of being live in a studio with rowdy pissed up fanclub members in attendance. Despite being somewhat marginalised as a disposable glam act this shows Slade were at heart a kick arse hard rock band as later proven by their early '80s renaissance with the NWOBHM crowd.


3.) 'Please Don't Touch' - HeadGirl (from the 'St Valentine's Day Massacre' EP)


Speaking of that crowd, here's this! An awesome track and a cunning way of fitting both Motorhead and Girlschool in this list but using up just one spot! Two great bands who typically got the mix between metal and rock & roll just right.


4.) 'Rip It Out' - Ace Frehley (from the Ace Frehley solo album)


Ace is at the height of his powers here and showed that he was far from a passenger in the classic KISS line-up. This song has an almost punk rock energy to it along with his distinctive a-bit-dodgey-but-actually-great vocals and trademark blistering lead guitar work.


5.) 'King Of The Road' - Fu Manchu (from the album of the same name)


The ultimate driving song for those interested in attracting speeding fines. Fu Manchu display the same interest in developing their sound shown by AC/DC or The Ramones. Fuzz pedal on. Activate bong. Drawl vocals. Repeat. Perfection!


6.) 'Balls To The Wall' - Accept (from the album of the same name)


Udo Dirkschneider - possessor of the most vast physical stature to voice hugeness differential in metal history. The riff in this song was forged with technology originally designed to create industrial machinery, until the results were determined to be too sissy.




7.) 'Hell Hound' - Sir Lord Baltimore (from the album 'Kingdom Come')


Super cool proto metal from this little known late '60s three piece. Maximum freak out guitar nuttiness fights with wailing vocals in a battle where the only victor is rock. Trivia note: You can't be TNPF shred master Search & DesTroy's friend unless you own this record.


8.) 'King Contrary Man' - The Cult (from the album 'Electric')


This whole album is wall to wall greatness thanks to Rick Rubin's no frills production genius back when he would occasionally rise from the couch. This track narrowly beats out numerous contenders as my fave due to the inspired guitar solo and the half time command to headbang that follows it.


9.) 'In League With Satan' - Venom (from the album 'Welcome To Hell')


Whether playing rock, punk or metal I am of the view that if you polish it too much you fuck it up, therefore am firmly in the camp that thinks Venom are awesome rather than embarrassing. This song captures their feisty madness perfectly complete with bonus back masking and TNPF approved party satanism. Trivia note: This concludes my underworld triple shot for those playing at home.


10.) 'Tight Jeans, Loose Leash' - Turbonegro (from the album 'Sexual Harrassment')


These beloved Norsemen roll pretty much every band I've ever loved into a piece of sweaty denim coated bubble gum and this track shows not even a change of lead singer will stop the party. A stomping anthem equal parts KISS and Stones with nary a new wave hooker girl to be found.


11.) 'Bastard' - Electric Eel Shock (from the album 'Beat Me')


This Japanese power trio throw the rock, punk and metal genres in a blender with inspired results like this number. A neanderthal grade riff is pummelled into submission beneath a one word chorus in a triumph of fist pumping minimalism. Did I mention the drummer plays with two drum sticks in each hand and is nude except for a cock sock? Yeah - they are that good.


12.) 'In Love' - The Datsuns (from the self-titled album)


A little representation from down our end of the globe courtesy of The Datsuns. You can practically hear the flared jeans on this track with its fuzzed up guitars and cranking Jon Lord-esque keyboards. Vocals are screamy and the solo typically grade A. The boys totally kill it live too.


13.) 'You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll' - Twisted Sister (from the album of the same name)


Awesome anthem from the mighty 'Sister back when they still sported their superior double denim look. Not much more to add other than I agree with the sentiment entirely. You can't stop it.