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Written by Ginge Knievil   
Sunday, 09 June 2013 03:20



Thirteen tracks for Uber Rock’s Midnite Mixtape Massacre? "Piece of piss" I thought. Like fuck was it! I've spared you the crooners, the reggae or thirteen Shakin' Stevens tracks and instead I've gone for these belters.


I hope you enjoy it!



1.) ‘Personality Crisis’ - New York Dolls (from their self titled album)


"Mock Rock" is it, Whispering Bob Harris? Hey, not everyone wanted 45 minute flute solos, you know. I would've given my right bollock to see the Dolls back in the day. Smeared in lipstick and leopard print, the opening track on their debut sets the stall out for one of my favourite albums of all time. All the trashy trademark elements are in this track from Johnny Thunders' squealing unison guitar bends to David Johansen's howl at the moon in the break down. When I say I'm in love... oh you know the rest.


2.) ‘You Love Us’ - Manic Street Preachers (from the 1991 Heavenly single of the same name)


Before the polished album version came the Heavenly single. An in-your-face call to arms declaring we will love them... and I did. The Manics were my Clash with all the right elements of punk, glam, sloganeering and intellectual lyrics that I'm far too dumb to understand. This version has the Iggy Pop ending. Beautifully messy before the electronic drums that followed on the debut album. Their voices were for 4 real.


sick 13.) ‘Tragedy’ - Hanoi Rocks (from the album ‘Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks’)


This was probably the first Hanoi track I ever heard. Never fitting into any particular genre, these were the glunk godfathers. I love the guitar riff, the driving beat and the deliberate off-key background "woos" in the chorus. When we recorded ‘Hell Of A Girl’ in Camden, the engineer asked me "you want the vocals to sound like Michael Monroe or...?" At that point he’d already said enough.


4.) ‘Cement Mixer’ - The Jim Jones Revue (from the album ‘Here To Save Your Soul’)


This track would make even Little Richard shit the bed. The swirling organ around the thunderous beat whilst the guitars clash with Jim's wail, this is simply awesome. The production sounds like your speakers could explode at any moment. Loudness to match Guitar Wolf. All hail The Jim Jones Revue!


5.) ‘Bombed Out Of My Mind’ - Backyard Babies (from the album ‘Total 13’)


‘Total 13’ came around when it seemed every song could've been written about my lifestyle. I played this album to death and could've gone with any track, it's all killer. ‘Bombed’ has been chosen because I'm currently looking for a place to put out my cigarette whilst wishing I could play Jerry Lee Lewis style piano.


6.) ‘Decent Into The Maelstrom’ - Radio Birdman (from the album ‘Radios Appear’)


The dynamics of this song do it for me. With just the right amount of struggling Stooges wig out guitar over a killer drum and bass workout, this is a garage rock classic. It just makes me wanna lose my shit and dance like I've eaten too much whizz. See you later, I'm going down.


7.) ‘He's A Whore’ - Cheap Trick (from their self titled album)


I adore Cheap Trick and their power pop sound. Being in The Sick Livers, I sympathise with the awkwardness of Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos. The hook in the verse of this track gets me every time. And hey fellas, we've all been a whore, right?


sickliversjune20138.) ‘The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll’ - Mott The Hoople (from the album ‘The Hoople’)


Rock 'n' roll is good for your body and good for your soul, The Hoople said so. When I grow up I want to be Ian Hunter. After the pomp on the intro, it's straight into a glam rock, bottled beer and shoot-some-pool feel. Textbook backing vocals over Hunter's "whoas" too. It was either going to be a Faces or Mott The Hoople track. The latter edged it. Sorry Rod.


9.) ‘29 x The Pain’ - The Wildhearts (B Side of the single ‘Suckerpunch’)


Want to bluff your way through rock? Simple! Put on this track, it name-checks all you need to know. It’s a proper fucking anthem, this one. Sing it loud and you'll be a fan-boying in step with Ginger Wildheart. If I could churn out half as many great tunes as this guy, I'd be laughing. I can't so it's the standard two a year.


10.) ‘Shake Some Action’ - Flamin' Groovies (from the album of the same name)


Some may argue that this is getting a bit Dire Straits on the guitar front, maybe a bit pub rock (of which I have no problem) but overall this is a killer tune that just preceded the UK punk movement. Malcolm McLaren had it on his jukebox in his shop apparently. This song has particular significance as it's the missus' Dad's favourite. As soon as he knew it was a Groovies fan, dating his daughter I was totally acceptable.


11.) ‘Out In The Street’ - Bruce Springsteen (from the album ‘The River’)


Being a Welshman I can totally get the ideals of this song. You do manual labour all week, you get paid on a Friday, you take your good lady out for a drink and a dance at the weekend. I was late to Bruce (I don't know why) but thank fuck I found him.


12.) ‘Open Your Heart’ - The Men (from the album of the same name)


I had best pick something newish. This was my album of last year. What do you get if you recycle a Buzzcocks riff and add some passionate vocal pleas? This! All the best stuff's been written so steal from the best. It's not gonna reinvent the wheel but you'll do worse than to get lost in The Men.


13.) ‘The Mercy Seat’ - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (from the album ‘Tender Pray’)


And what about a nice song all about execution to see you off? Nick Cave can do no wrong for me. This is probably the best for me, the way it builds and repeats. Fuckin' intense. A track worthy of massacring any midnite mixtape.