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Written by Beddis   
Sunday, 29 August 2010 05:00



I was in the Cowboy Killers, with the boys in Newport, and Green Day were just kids coming over to the UK. We were friends with the people who did Lookout! Records, Mary Jane and....I can't remember their names exactly - two girls and a guy and they used to stay at our house in Brynglas, Newport and they used to bring all the Lookout bands over.


We played up in Wigan (21/12/1991), up in the Den - I can't remember what album we had out - and it was us, Wat Tyler and Green Day. And Wat Tyler and Green Day did the nativity play, dressed up as Jesus and all that. So, we played and watched it and it was as mad as fuck. Two nights later Green Day were gonna be playing TJ's in Newport.


So, they played and they did the nativity play again. This was their first time over here and they were just young kids. There had been about 200 people in Wigan and, in Newport (it was one of Simon's Cheap Sweaty Fun gigs) they were right down the bill again. We didn't play that night. At the end of the night Simon asked if they could stay at my house coz we used to let bandsbeddisept1 stay. I said they could but, seeing as they were these young kids, only if they didn't fuck about and didn't make any noise.


We went back to my house and we had all the Xmas decorations up and all that and we got the Megadrive out and, as Green Day didn't have any gigs lined up for a while, they asked if they could stay there over Christmas. I told them no, they could fuck right off. I told them that I had work the next morning (at Rockaway Records in Newport Market), my daughter was in bed and they had to go to sleep - it was about two in the morning. So I went to bed leaving them down there, in their sleeping bags right up against the Christmas tree.


I'm in bed with the missus and I hear all this noise from downstairs, and I'd fucking told them to be quiet, so I went downstairs. I had this big fucking samurai sword on the wall, so I pulled it down and said "I told you to be fucking quiet" and started swinging it about and these kids from Green Day were jumping up and down with their sleeping bags done right up to their necks looking like caterpillars, jumping up and down and fucking about and pogo-ing. So I started swinging it around their heads, threatening to kill them, y'know "I'm gonna chop you up, ya cunts. I warned you once, you American bastards". And they were laughing but it turned out they were absolutely shitting themselves. I was just having a laugh, wasn't I?! Mind you, I was stood there in just my underpants swinging a sword at them threatening to kill them.


In the morning they asked me again if they could stay and I told them to fuck off, it was Christmas.


I didn't see them again for a while then we played in London several years later with The Offspring and NOFX and this guy comes up to me and it was Tre Cool, the drummer from Green Day. Of course, they'd gone massive by now and I'm like "You're a millionaire now, ya beddisuse1cunt" and he's like "Yeah man, remember when we stayed at your house?!" And I've met quite a few people who tell me that Green Day still tell the story of me and my house.


About two years ago a mate told me that I got mentioned in Kerrang in a Green Day interview. I got a copy and there it was, Green Day talking about their first time in the UK and how they had stayed in a house in Wales and this guy had tried to kill them with a sword. It even made the band autobiography. So, they still talk about it to this day. John from The Abs told me that when they toured in Germany and played with Green Day and they found out he was Welsh they told him about this mad cunt called Beddis who tried to kill them with a sword.


We were into Bad Religion and NOFX and bands who did the more melodic stuff but it was underground then, it hadn't become mainstream. Everywhere was all Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror but I was always into Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat, the more tuneful hardcore. So when Green Day came along, although I didn't think they were the greatest band, I liked them coz they were nice guys. They were ordinary kids going around in a Transit van, sleeping on people's floors, way before people started licking their arses and asking for their autographs and playing Wembley Stadium. "Get to sleep or I'm gonna kill you, ya cunts" - I think it's stuck with them because, before all the tongues up arses, they got a dose of Welsh reality.....but it is nice to be remembered.


About four years ago I got a two year prison sentence for doing something really stupid with a Roman sword and a flick-knife in somebody's house and I was quite tempted to send the clipping from the newspaper to the guys in Green Day - "Remember when you stayed in my house?"


One last thing: There was another guy who stayed at my house on that night and, next morning, he didn't get in the van with the band. I asked him why he wasn't going with the band and he said that he wasn't with them, he was from Cardiff. I asked him what the fuck he was doing in my house and he said "Last night you told me to get in the van....so I did!" So this guy slept on the floor of my house with Green Day and I've never seen him since.



Vintage Cowboy Killers photo by Mark David Cooper