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Written by Tanya Rizkala   
Sunday, 07 August 2016 03:40



Epic are a Canadian, American, and Lebanese rock band featuring the stunning vocals of Tanya Rizkala. So impressed was Uber Rock’s Dave Prince with their recent released ‘Like A Phoenix’ album that he said it was “just what the AOR doctor ordered.” Today we get Tanya’s very own musical prescription via 13 classic melodic rock injections as the Midnite Mixtape Massacre really does go old school.


First off, I take a lot of pride in presenting this short set list out of many by these iconic male rock giants along with the one and only Ann Wilson. All for me are legendary vocalists with great pipes, unique timbres and outstanding vocal abilities!


1.) ‘Still Of The Night’ - Whitesnake (from the album ‘1987’)


‘Still Of The Night’ is a killer song by one of my favourite bands. It includes heavy playing and sensual, powerful singing by my main man, mentor and personal favourite rock singer David Coverdale. ‘Still Of The Night’ involves passionate performing and a lot of mixed and tumultuous emotions! I go through all of them whilst performing it! It's simply a heavy metal song like no other, in my book.


2.) ‘Wild Child’ - Heart (from the album ‘Brigade’)


Another great punchy and passionate song by the female rock pioneer Ann Wilson, who is also my mentor. This song unites me, in a way, with the amazing Ann. A vocalist with a unique versatile powerful voice that has opened doors to all of us female rock vocalists. I have the utmost admiration for Ann Wilson! She is the wild female rock child that made me one wild child too.


3.) ‘Last In Line’ - Dio (from the album of the same name)


This song has a lot of facets and makes a strong statement. It starts with that soft rock intro and then leads you and surprises you with that heavy "I am here to stay" attitude by the great Ronnie James Dio. When I sing this song, to me, it's a tribute to the giants of rock! They are the Last In Line who paved the way to the new classic rock generation such as ourselves.


4.) ‘Dream On’ - Ronnie James Dio and Yngwie Malmsteen (from the album ‘Guitar Gods - The Classic Rock Anthems’)


The title says it all! It's such a beautiful, powerful message to convey and an absolute honour to perform such a timeless song by one of my great influences Steve Tyler and one of my favourite bands too Aerosmith!! It's also a chance to bring together Steve Tyler and Ronnie James Dio who both delivered unforgettable performances of this epic song.




5.) ‘Can't Let You Go’ - Rainbow (from the album ‘Bent Out Of Shape’)


A huge song by a great band and another amazing top leading rock male vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. This song needs chops and strong abs to let out that heartfelt scream "I can't let you go", which I always dedicate, in my heart, to my deceased parents.


6.) ‘Stars’ - Hear n' Aid (from the album by the same name)


What’s more exciting than to have most of those giants of rock united in one song! ‘Stars’ is about them, about their glamour, their imposing existence that we all dream to have a glimpse of. It's mostly about their humanity and about what they could do with their stardom...how they could sincerely help the ones in need; it shows how rockers are the softest people at heart, the kindest and the most giving. Genuine souls!


7.) ‘Don't Let Me Down’ - Gotthard (from the album ‘Need To Believe’)


A voice that pierces the heart. Steve Lee has a different special place in my heart. His passing was devastating! He reveals so many emotions when he sings and this is one song by the amazing band Gotthard that I love to sing as it also conveys a powerful message. Don't we all wish that our loved ones never let us down?


8.) ‘Green-Tinted Sixties Mind’ - Mr. Big (from the album ‘Lean Into It’)


I love Mr. Big and Eric Martin, he has a unique timbre and a sensual voice. There are many amazing melodies/songs to choose from but ‘Green-Tinted Sixties Mind’ reminds me of my late teen rebel years. It's liberating and it unleashes power and I surely felt it every time.


9.) ‘Separate Ways’ - Journey (from the album ‘Frontiers’)


A great classic by the one and only Steve Perry. A huge influence of mine. A heavenly voice. ‘Separate Ways’ was my way to say I can sing Steve Perry. It's also a song that accompanied the hard and painful break ups of any kind, whilst growing up. Until it had a different meaning when I lost my mother.


10.) ‘Highway To Hell’ - AC/DC (from the album by the same name)


Who doesn't love AC/DC and Angus Young's powerful, sensual and sexy guitar riffs? They push you to get up and do your thing and have a blast doing it. Performing one of many AC/DC hits, I love ‘Highway To Hell’ because my wild crazy me mode is switched waaay on with this song.


Epic album sleeve


11.) ‘No One Like You’ - Scorpions (from the album ‘Blackout’)


A huge timeless classic tune by one of the most melodic heavy metal bands of all time. I love performing this one to my fans, the wild rockin' crowd that we should always honour and never take for granted! They push us to give our all every single time we set foot on any stage!


12.) ‘Bad Company’ - Bad Company (from the self titled album)


Bad Company, a strongly rooted classic rock band! It was my very first rock concert and they were playing in Paris! I was in awe! The song ‘Bad Company’, also reminds me of my still ongoing 20s rebel teens but mostly about the bad company I had around me at that time.


13.) ‘Rock And Roll’ - Heart (from the album ‘Greatest Hits/Live’)


To be able to honour Led Zeppelin and Heart all at once is a blessing! This song sums it all up. It's all about rock ‘n’ roll. I always like to end a show with it or sing it towards the end. The people love it, it rejuvenates them. And of course I have a blast screaming it every single time


This was hard!! To choose just 13 songs was a very difficult task!