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Written by Dead Shed Jokers   
Sunday, 05 August 2012 04:00




Uber Rock's Jamie Richards raved about 'Peyote Smile', the debut album from Welsh outfit Dead Shed Jokers at the turn of this year. With an impressive debut that was recorded live, the Aberdare-based five piece - Hywel Gwrthefyr Davies (vocals), Nicky Bryant (guitar), Kristian Evans (guitar), Luke Cook (bass) and Ashley Jones (drums) - who claim to live and practice in a shed in the outback of Rhigos, have now turned in a collective effort as Uber Rock searches for the ultimate thirteen song mixtapes from as many bands as possible.....



1.) 'Regular John' - Queens of the Stone Age (from the self-titled album)


No better start to an album, gig or bar mitzvah. Most of the song is just one chord but it makes you want to get in a lorry and run down some nans. They opened with this in Bournemouth last year and the place just erupted! Sometimes one chord is all you need.
2.) 'Rope' - Foo Fighters (from the album 'Wasting Light')


Return to form for the Foos with tasty off-kilter riffs and both solid and rhythmic beats. Proves Taylor Hawkings is one of our generations greatest drummers, cracking drummer's jib also.


3.) 'Eat the Meek' - NOFX (from the album 'So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes')


One of their more laid back tracks, it's as if the band had forgotten that they're a punk band for just over three minutes and produced this gem. I would always play it during the twilight hours of one of those mad but quiet nights up one of the boys' house.


4.) 'Poor Doggie' - Eagles of Death Metal (from the album 'Death By Sexy')


Filthy just like my missus.deadshedalbum300


5.) 'On the Beach' - Neil Young (from the album of the same name)


Near impossible to choose one song for this man which is a testament to the strength of his back catalogue. It's all about the lyrics for me with Neil and the 'On the Beach' album is littered with some of his best. Neil Young changed the way I write songs, and the title track just blows me away every time. Long may he run.


6.) 'My Iron Lung' - Radiohead (from the album 'The Bends')


The build up at the end is one of the coolest riffs I've heard and then the solo at the end is the vinegar stroke.


7.) 'Animal Machine' - The Vines (from the album 'Winning Days')


It's hard to describe this song in words, it just needs to be listened too because it's fucking class! Very few bands can produce music that is clearly inspired by Nirvana and successfully throw musical elements from the '60s into the pot too. The Vines are wicked, and this song is raping!


8.) 'Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)' - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (from the album 'B.R.M.C.')


Reminds me of some of the best parties I've ever been to.


9.) 'Black Thumbnail' - Kings of Leon (from the album 'Because of the Times')


Before they went and did their 'own sound' this li'l beauty was made. The drumming is simplistic but banging at the same time and it takes a few listens to work out what he's doing. Something every drummer should aspire to....... oh well, too bad about the next album.


10.) 'When the Levee Breaks' - Led Zeppelin (from the album 'Led Zeppelin IV')


Supposedly they delayed Led Zep IV (Four Symbols) to finish the mix to this song and for me it's the best song on a classic album and one of my favourite Zeppelin tracks. Fuck Stairway! The song is so heavy it's claustrophobic, it's relentless, Bonham is doing the bare minimum but you could go to war to the beat. Epic.


11.) 'Police Truck' - Dead Kennedys (from the album 'Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death')


Takes me back to my childhood running from the fuzz. Guaranteed to improve your getaway speed.


12.) 'Straight to the Man' - Stone Roses (from the album 'The Second Coming')


This song turns the underlying funky element that is hidden throughout the Second Coming album and brings it up to the top with the band adding their trademark brand of psychedelia to the mix. One of my favourite songs of all time.


13.) 'Shallow Be Thy Game' - Red Hot Chili Peppers (from the album 'One Hot Minute')


This song is just pure funk and power and proves the Chilis are more than just John Frusciante. Some people say slap bass can bring the price of fuel down by 4p and also help encourage hair re-growth, either way it's a good un.