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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 14:41


Clash Of The Titans

Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies

Birmingham NEC Sat 13th October 1990


1clashthumbEeeh, when I were a lad. Well, not quite but I used to drink a fuck load more back then and, well, this gig really was a fucking huge piss-up and probably the most mental gig trip I had been on (until AC/DC in '96 but that's another story).



Anyway, the details. Metallica had just started to hit it big following 'And Justice For All' and the media was starting to talk about thrash in revered tones, and started coining the 'Big Four' phrase. Anyway, the Clash Of The Titans tour gets announced and everyone roundly agrees that this is the fucking coolest bill that's ever come out. So the plan to go to this gig was hatched.......God fucking help us. Twin says he'll hire a van and him and his brother will drive.  Top result, meaning that Greavesy, Zoot, Farrell, Booly, David Stevens and me can get absolutely wankered and thrash to our heart's content.



Fuck me, it got bad quickly. Met in the Mitre at 2, pissed by 3. Down Somerfield for more cans. On the bus, stop in Brynmawr for more cans and a bowl (and squirty cream courtesy of Greavesy). Get to Abergavenny and decide to try out the toilet arrangements, which consist of pissing in said bucket, lifting the back hatch up on the van and chucking the contents over the car behind. This continued to our amusement until we got to Strensham services when Farrell decided it would be good idea to have a piss off the footbridge onto the M5 below. Needless to say there were a few upset kids crying to their mother. Following a tampon fight with a transit full of boys from Swansea, we were back on our way.  Not satisfied with the pissing arrangements, Farrell decided he wants to go straight out the back of the van, so with me and Greavesy hanging onto the gingo by his jeans pockets, he hangs over the motorway just about to piss undercover cop car pulls up to the bumper and tells him to put it away. How we weren't nicked I'll never know.




Anyway, finally we get to the NEC, Greavesy dives through a sign, the Twins give up trying to talk sense to us and leave us to it. Carry on drinking for a couple of hours and then.........fucking hell, we go and watch the bands. This is a music review after all.



First on, Suicidal Tendencies and they were fucking brilliant, playing a good mix of their first two albums and some of their new stuff at the time. Highlights I remember are 'I Saw Your Mommy', 'Two Wrongs' and 'Institutionalised'. They were class.



Next up were Testament (having chucked a total stranger upside down in a wheelie bin in the interval) and despite having seats we managed so skank our way into the standing area and well worth the effort it was. Testament were supporting their 'Practise What You Preach' album and played quite a few songs from this, including one of my personal all-time faves of theirs 'Sins Of Ommission'. All the goodies were there like 'Over The Wall' and 'Alone In The Dark' and it's a shame they didn't really kick on from this gig, falling into relative obscurity for a few years. If there was any justice they would have made it much bigger than the next band on who did, despite being fucking shit..........Megadeth. What the fuck did people used to see in these?



Back in our seats by now after about five songs of Megadeth's set, everyone had pretty much agreed they were crap and hatched a cunning plan for Greavesy to try and stage-dive (utterly impossible in the NEC even in those days). Armed with my red long sleeve top, which looked a little like the ones the security were wearing, he managed to get about 6 inches over the barrier before the security nabbed him. Unperturbed, Greavesy then thinks it's a good idea to have a go on a wheeled stretcher, resulting in security getting totally fucked off and chucking him out. He did get back eventually, fuck knows how.



By the time Slayer came on we were very, very, very drunk. And Slayer were... Slayer - i.e. fucking great. Coming off the back of their 'Seasons In The Abyss' opus, Slayer ripped out some great shit that night. Basically, you're talking the content of the 'Decade Of Aggression' live album. I'm certain they played 'Chemical Warfare' and I went fucking ape.



Anyway, back to Abertillery. You'd think it would be all quiet and sleeping on the way back. No chance. Back then it was flat out till you passed out. Aeroplanes down the M42, leaning out of the minibus windows at 70mph and, the piece de resistance, Zoot getting jetwashed in Monmouth.



A fucking awesome day out and one I still laugh about to this day.