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Written by Joe ‘Desglose’ Maddox   
Sunday, 02 October 2016 03:20



The Breakdowns are a garage rock n roll band from Nottingham that has been knocking about for a few years. Despite a reputation for sarcasm, apathy and a downright twisted sense of humour, our songs and live performances have won us fans all over the world.


The Breakdowns 1


We’ve released records on Spanish labels Ghost Highway (Imperial State Electric, The Dwarves, The Hip Priests, Chuck Norris Experiment) and Rock Indiana (Butch Walker) as well as US label Rum Bar (Watts, Kurt Baker, The Connection, Indonesian Junk.)


We’ve also supported a variety of ‘turns’ over the last couple of years including the Flamin’ Groovies, Radio Birdman, The Barracudas, Jason & The Scorchers, CJ Wildheart, Sylvain Sylvain, Richie Ramone and The Paul Collins Beat.


In a fair and just World, we’d be huge…I guess not everybody is ready for a return to low slung gutter guitar and tear jerking vocals…


Anyway, here’s my ‘Midnite Mixtape Massacre!’


1.  Ramones- Locket Love


I coulda picked a number of Ramones songs, but ‘Locket Love’ is a perfect slice of pop music that I don’t think The Ramones always get credit for. They wrote 100 mile an hour love songs with great lyrical hooks. I’m a Ramones die-hard and completest. I get confused when I meet people who don’t like them. I get a little angry when I meet people who pretend they like them. With The Ramones, you’re with them for life and this song has been on my turntable since I was in my teens when I discovered them, oddly through Skid Row’s cover of Psycho Therapy!



2.  Mott The Hoople- Walking With A Mountain


I grew up on rock n roll thanks to my ultra-cool parents. Mott were my late Dad’s favourite band. He used to follow them all over the country, sneaking his way into shows when funds were low. This song is just one big chugging riff that I used to listen to for hours and hours when I was first learning the guitar. It’s raw, it’s nasty, and it’s like proto pub/punk rock in a way. Mott seemed like a gang to me. They weren’t pretty boys, they looked like they could beat you up!


3. Cheap Trick- Gonna Raise Hell


A fantastic, brooding track from the underrated ‘Dream Police’ album. I love Tom Petersson’s growling bass line and the absolute monotony of the song is somewhat hypnotising. I think Cheap Trick are so underrated as song writers and musicians. I used to say if I was to put together my ultimate ‘fantasy band,’ it would include all four members of Cheap Trick. I was lucky enough to meet Rick Nielsen a couple of years ago and he was just so down to Earth and cool. Instead of talking about his band, he wanted to know about mine! Ace!


4. Rancid- Salvation


In the late nineties and when I was still at school, I played drums in a 3 piece punk band called Stiff Hippo. We signed a record deal and I thought we were going to be the biggest band in the World. We weren’t…but we did think we were Rancid and used to play this song at a lot of our shows. I love ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘…Out Come The Wolves’ but I kinda gave up on Rancid after those albums. This is just a killer track though that still gets blasted out from time to time.


5. Steve Earle- Regular Guy


Weird choice maybe, but I have a real soft sport for Steve Earle and this track from his album ‘The Hard Way’ is a long-time favourite of mine. It’s one of those tunes that I play on an acoustic guitar when I’ve had a couple of brandy and Cokes and I want to wail. I love Earle’s rebellious nature and he has consistently released great albums over a very long career.


6. New York Dolls- Personality Crisis


I often think to myself, “is this the best song ever written?” and then I remember it can’t be because ‘Personality Crisis’ is- or isn’t. I’m still not sure. It’s so simple; it’s so bratty, rude and wild. A personal highlight of my musical career to date is singing this on stage with Sylvain Sylvain…and remembering most of the words!



7. Hot Rod Linkun- She Won’t Take Drugs With Me


Hot Rod Linkun is a good friend of mine and a sometimes guitarist with The Breakdowns. He’s been in South America now off and on for the last two years, but he’s a very prolific songwriter and solo artist. He never gigs and by his own admission, all his songs “sound the fucking same!” If I had to pick just one of his Ramones inspired rockers, I’d choose ‘She Won’t Take Drugs With Me’ off his latest album ‘Karaoke Whorehouse.’ Please check him out as he deserves some props.





8. Phil Seymour- Let Her Dance


This is a cover of the Bobby Fuller Four song. I prefer Seymour’s version. Seymour was Dwight Twilley’s drummer, but a fantastic solo artist in his own right who released two albums of perfect power pop in the early ‘80s. His performance here really brings out the best in what is already a great song. I love his voice and he’s certainly an influence on my vocal style.


9. The Joneses- Pillbox


I love this band. Early ‘80s gutter trash with nasty, fizzing guitars and whining vocals. It’s kinda like a Johnny Thunders song in that it’s punk rock but clearly has a 50s influence to it. I discovered them by accident when I bought one of their records based purely on the picture on the sleeve. I’m glad I did and one day, I’ll find someone else who likes them!


10. The Faces- Pool Hall Richard


Another song from my childhood, even though this was released years before I was born. I LOVE The Faces. Rod Stewart gets a pretty bad rap these days, but when The Faces were on form, I believe there wasn’t a band around that could touch them. This is their last ever single, after Ronnie Lane left and it just motors. Rod sounds great and lyrically it tells the tale of Rod’s obsession/fandom with a pool shark. It’s yet another song on this list that I can’t help but grin when I hear it. From the guitar intro to the shambolic ending, it encapsulates everything that’s great about rock n roll to me.



11. Andrew Matheson- Love Is Stupid

This is another song that I want people to go out and discover if they haven’t heard it before. Matheson was the singer for the hapless Hollywood Brats, a band who were before their time in every sense of the word. He also wrote the autobiography ‘Sick On You’ which I recommend you read, especially if you’re a musician- it’s tragic and hilarious in equal measure. ‘Love Is Stupid’ Is from Matheson’s mid-nineties album ‘Night Of The Bastard Moon’ which is so-so, but I fell in love with this track from the first time I heard it. It’s very much Mott/Ian Hunter/The Boys/Dogs D’Amour/The Faces, which is a strong indication as to why is gets played a lot by me. My girlfriend heard it recently and approved. She’s got great taste of course!


12. MC5- American Ruse


It’s really hard to put together a list like this and it’s just as hard to pick a favourite MC5 song, but I’ve gone for this one because it kicks you in the head from start to finish. It’s got a killer guitar solo from Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith too. We’ve toyed with covering it a few times but I think we’ll probably end up leaving it in the rehearsal room. Only the bravest cover the MC5 and survive.


13. The Dictators- Stay With Me


‘Bloodbrothers’ is one of my favourite albums and this is my favourite track from it. Much more than a punk band, The Dictators have influenced so many of our contemporaries and are still sounding great. This song shares a kinship with The Faces, and not just in title. It’s just pure in-your-face rock n roll and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with that.