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Written by The Virginmarys   
Sunday, 13 October 2013 03:00



The hard touring Virginmarys released their stonking debut album, 'King Of Conflict', back in March to rave reviews, and have been hard at work since touring Europe and the States. Following the rounds of festivals this Summer Uber Rock caught up with the Macclesfield trio backstage at Bingley Music Live and gave the guys the following task...choose 4 tracks each and one joint track to best describe their ultimate Mixtape, would they rise to the challenge at such short notice? Read on for the details.


Ally Dickaty - Guitar/Vocals


1.) 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun'The Beatles (from the album 'The White Album')


The Beatles are my favourite band and I always see them as such an inspiration to everyone that followed them. They were just incredible and John Lennon's delivery and the word play that he uses as well as amazing melodies and it was something different to whatever was going on at the time. They were so out there, I mean take 'Tomorrow Never Knows' from 'Revolver', coming out with a dance beat and just getting away with putting that out there and it was just one chord as well. The Beatles blow my mind, I could pick any tune really, but that one seems right at the moment.


2.) 'Hurt' - Nine Inch Nails - (from the album 'The Downward Spiral')


This comes into my head because we just saw them at Reading and Leeds. Really good, heartfelt song with great lyrics that's just so close to the bone and Trent Reznor just being really honest with his feelings, almost to the point of it being uncomfortable I think. I always prefer this version to Johnny Cash, I feel it takes away from NIN. It's an amazing song and I think the Johnny Cash version sounds a bit throwaway to me. Incredible song from an incredible album, I'd almost forgotten how good NIN were until I had the pleasure of seeing them at Reading and Leeds.


3.) 'Green Manalishi' - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (from the box set 'Peter Green - The Anthology')


It came out in 1970 and I think it's ahead of its time, it's really dark and I think it has influenced so much music that was to follow, especially in the rock world. He's one of my favourite, if not my favourite guitarist Peter Green and that tune, without trying to sound corny...just rocks.


4.) 'Ready To Start' - The Arcade Fire (from the album 'The Suburbs')


I wanted to choose something recent. For me they are doing something that is just great, it's a great pop song with depth.


Danny Dolan - Drums


5.) 'God' - John Lennon (from the album 'John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band')


I'm just the biggest John Lennon fan ever and obviously this is the first album he did after leaving The Beatles. When I first heard this song as a kid it just completely did my head in. I'd not heard a song like that before, you know with Lennon just being completely honest about stuff which arguably no song had done before that.


6.) 'I Just Wasn't Made For These Times' - The Beach Boys (from the album 'Pet Sounds')


This song kind of sums up Brian Wilson I think really. A great songwriter, it's my favourite song on that album I just love it.




7.) 'Supersonic' - Oasis (from the album 'Definitely, Maybe')


That was the first Oasis song I heard when I was a kid and there was nothing else out there like that at the time, so I became the biggest overnight Oasis fan. It didn't last that long, only a couple of albums unfortunately. They were very good for a couple of albums and one B-sides album, but yeah that is an amazing song.


8.) 'Bulls On Parade' - Rage Against The Machine (from the album 'Evil Empire')


I remember driving around with one of my mates, me in the back and he put this on and I was like "What's this? Who is this?" It's like one of those moments where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and I just knew I needed to get into that band. To be fair I could pick anything from their first or second album, but that's the one that stuck out for me.


Matt Rose - Bass/Vocals


9.) 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' - Nirvana (from the album 'Nevermind')


It might seem like an obvious choice, I love the song but it gets played so much now I really don't like to listen to it any more, but because of that song I started playing guitar. I had a guitar and my uncle did me a tape of 'Nevermind' and brought it around. As soon as I heard that opening song I just kept rewinding and listening again and again and it made me want to pick up that guitar and play, and that song is the reason I play in a band today.


10.) 'Red House' - Jimi Hendrix (from the album 'Live At Woodstock')


Again, I had not been playing guitar that long and I saw it on TV (The Woodstock Festival) and I remember just watching how his fingers move when he plays and the feeling he puts into that playing. I dunno, I just find it an absolutely amazing rendition. Obviously the album version is great but for me that live version is the ultimate, I'd recommend it to anybody learning guitar.


11.) 'Concrete School Yard' - Jurassic 5 (from the album 'Jurassic 5')


Again this is one I have been listening to recently. I had that album when it first came out and it's really just a nice, chilled out hip-hop tune and it's perfect for a nice, hot sunny day.


12.) 'Midnight In A Perfect World' - DJ Shadow (from the album 'Endtroducing')


Again, delving back I think this album came out in '96 and to me it's still timeless. I'd never heard anything like that at all and my friend Andy, I went round to his house and he was like "check this out" and he put this album on and I was like "woah man what is this? Where's this come from?" and that album opened up a whole new world of music for me. Before that I listened to a lot of rock and all sorts of different stuff but that was the album that really opened my mind.


Band Choice: After much discussion throwing around songs by Foo Fighters and Depeche Mode the guys go for.....


13.) 'Stayin' Alive' - The Bee Gees


Ally - We always listen to it in the van when maybe you're a bit fed up of all other music.


Danny - And you just turn up the volume and the bass line hits you.


Ally - I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like 'Stayin' Alive', some of their early stuff when they weren't singing in that falsetto was great. It defines the fun on our tour bus.