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Written by Gypsy Lee Pistolero   
Sunday, 04 November 2012 04:00




He credits an Uber Rocker with helping him make the decision to leave his former band so how could we not ask Gypsy Lee Pistolero to donate his ultimate thirteen song mixtape to our uber-archive? With a new single about to be released, its accompanying video hot off the press, we quizzed the revamped Pistolero on the best songs in the history of forever. This was his cultured reply.....


1.) 'Regulations' - Neon Hearts (from the 'Regulations/Venus Eccentric' double A-side single)


One of the first bands I supported in my first punk band, Regular Wretches (age 14). Great song, great band. Should have been massive. Reminds me of The Irish Club (Kidderminster), the punk venue where we all discovered a new religion and all formed bands. Our Youth Club of the Unholy Hearts.


2.) 'Heartbreak Hotel' - Elvis Presley (from the reissue of the King's self-titled debut album)


One of the first records I played to death as a small un. Raw, killer vocals, pure fukkin untouchable.



3.) 'Malibu Beach' - Hanoi Rocks (from the album 'Back To Mystery City')


Loved em, loved the rock 'n' roll/punk crossover. When they first came out during the Marquee years no one could touch em.


4.) 'Wasted Life' - Stiff Little Fingers (from the album 'Inflammable Material')


Amazing live band, great songs, pure feel and bottled bollox.


5.) 'Gates of Babylon' - Rainbow (from the album 'Long Live Rock 'n' Roll')


Fukkin incredible voice. Supported Dio on his Spanish Tour in '93. Never really interested in Sabbath, Rainbow, etc, but live this was stunning, brilliant live voice.


6.) 'Lord's Prayer' - Lords of The New Church (from the album 'Is Nothing Sacred?')


Brilliant band, great song.


7.) 'Rip and Tear' - L.A. Guns (from the album 'Cocked & Loaded')


Great band, the street heroes, better than GN'R. Should have been massive.


8.) 'Brand New Cadillac' - The Clash (from the album 'London Calling')


Love it - '50s rock 'n' roll with punk injection.


9.) 'Wardance' - Killing Joke (from the self-titled debut)


Great band, great early albums. Jaz is the ringmaster.


10.) 'Blitzkrieg Bop' - Ramones (from the self-titled debut)


One of the highlights of my shitty little music career, supporting them in '93 on the 'Mondo Bizarro' Spanish Tour. One and a half hours of magic watching them every night for 10 days. Legends!


11.) 'Spiritwalker' - The Cult (from the album 'Dreamtime')


Loved the early Cult.


12.) 'New Rose' - The Damned (from the album 'Damned Damned Damned')


Love em, first song I ever played in a band as a kid.


13.) 'Only the Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)' - Roy Orbison (from the album 'Lonely and Blue')


Biography in a killer song, from one of the sweetest voices ever.


Could have chosen 100s. Lucky to have played with a lot of my choices and loved em, especially when they turned out to be great people too.


+1 (14.) My new single, 'The Good, The Mad and The Beautiful'


My favourite song of mine ever! lol



Official Gypsy Lee Pistolero single 'The Good, The Mad and The Beautiful' released on Evil Boy Records Dec 3rd