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Written by Sean Muldoon   
Sunday, 17 November 2013 04:00



Sean Muldoon, frontman of central New York outfit Stone Soul Foundation, is the latest victim of Uber Rock's Midnite Mixtape Massacre, and it is a mighty fine thirteen song mixtape that he has compiled. His band, after having their music feature in the indie movie 'Sweet Leaf', are set to follow up their 2011 album 'Electric Valley' with a new release in 2014, the first song from which - 'Taking Back the U.S.' -  is now accompanied by a must-see video, the product of a fan-funded campaign - watch it below.....after you've read what makes up Sean's ultimate thirteen song mixtape.....



1.) 'Poem 58' - Chicago Transit Authority (from the self titled debut)


I love the creepy progression in the verses. The fuzzy wah guitar solo literally gives me goose bumps. Terry Kath was a monster guitar player!


2.) 'Ark' - Gerry Rafferty (from the album 'City to City')


He's known mostly for 'Right Down the Line' and 'Baker Street', but there's so many great deep cuts like 'Ark'.  That song makes me feel like I'm sailing on the ocean.


3.) 'It's a New Day' - Skull Snaps (from the self titled debut)


This group is legendary! The intro beat in this song was sampled by a bunch of hip-hop artists; it's a rockin' funk tune with an uplifting message.


4.) 'Fade to Black' - Metallica (from the album 'Ride the Lightning')


I would keep hitting rewind on my boom box tape deck just to hear the string swell in the beginning over and over again.


5.) 'Fire on the Mountain' - Marshall Tucker Band (from the album 'Searchin' for a Rainbow')


It's a song about gold miners in the Wild West. The pedal steel solo is beautiful.




6.) 'Diamond Day' - Vashti Bunyon (from her self titled album)


Vashti's voice was magic on this song. It's just a simple song about a beautiful day.


7.) 'God Only Knows' - The Beach Boys (from the album 'Pet Sounds')


One of Brian Wilson's masterpieces!


8.) 'Inside Looking Out' - Grand Funk Railroad (from the album 'Grand Funk')


Originally written by Eric Burdon, and The Animals, it's a real heavy song for its time. The bass guitar sound is monsterous.


9.) 'Heartbreaker' - Free (from the album 'Heartbreaker')


Such an effectively simple, and primal guitar riff. I love Paul Rodgers' vocals, a skinny English dude with intense soul.


10.) 'Palm Trees/Love Guitar' - Steve Hillage (from the album 'Green')


A beautiful love song with spacey vocals, and fuzzed out guitar.


11.) 'Hole in the Sky' - Black Sabbath (from the album 'Sabotage')


This was one of the first Sabbath songs I had ever heard. It feels like you're being swept up, and shot through a hole in the sky.


12.) 'Raging River of Fear' - Captain Beyond (from their debut album)


This band features original Deep Purple frontman Rod Evans. It's another song really heavy for its time.


13.) 'Never in my Life' - Mountain (from their debut album 'Climbing!')


If you ask me tomorrow, I'd probably have a very different list of songs, but this song would still be on it for sure. The riff is massive! The cowbell is the sweet icing on the cake!