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Written by Honest John Plain   
Sunday, 09 December 2012 03:00



A few weeks back Dom Daley was merrily chatting away with Honest John Plain about what influenced his current single ‘Never Listen To Rumours’ when completely out of the blue said legend of the UK punk rock scene mentions he really likes the Midnite Mixtape Massacre feature here on Uber Rock. Initially somewhat shocked by this almost fanboy confession from his six string hero our creeper shoed cavalier of the interweb retorted with a “why don’t you have a go at doing one John?”


Well bugger me if he didn’t do just that.



1.) ‘Sick On You’ - The Hollywood Brats (from the album ‘Hollywood Brats’)


The first time I heard this song I knew I wanted to be in a band with Casino Steel. Great tune, great lyrics, great singing, awesome stuff!


2.) ‘Tin Soldier’ - The Small Faces (from the album ‘The Autumn Stone’)


I saw The Small Faces at Leeds Town Hall back in the day and seeing the reaction from the girls in the audience made me want to be in a rock n roll band. The Small Faces are my favourite band of all time and this is probably my favourite song of theirs.


3.) ‘Something To Believe In’ - The Ramones (from the album ‘Animal Boy’)


The release of their debut album in 1975 was a breath of fresh air and was such an influence on me. For The Boys to support The Ramones on their 1980 UK tour is one of the highlights of my career. ‘Something To Believe In’ was one of the band’s later songs, but it shows they still had it in bucket loads! So sad that Joey, Johnny & Dee Dee are no longer with us.


HonestItaly124.) ‘I Need You’ - The Beatles (from the album ‘Help’)


My two older sisters were big fans of The Beatles and I was introduced to them through Maureen & Margaret who played The Beatles to death at home whilst I was growing up and in particular ‘With The Beatles’. However my favourite Beatles song is a George Harrison composition, which appeared in their film Help, which I first saw at the flicks many moons ago.


5.) ‘Debbie’ - Andrew Matheson (from the album ‘Monterey Shoes’)


Andrew Matheson was a great lyricist and an ideal foil as a songwriter for Casino Steel. I love this tune with its commercial pop flavor, which appeared on his debut solo album back in the 70s.


6.) ‘Waterloo Sunset’ - The Kinks (from the album ‘Something Else By The Kinks’)


Not sure what I can say about this tune, which hasn’t already been said. An all time classic from the pen of Ray Davies, I thank you!


7.) ‘When You Walk In The Room’ - The Searchers (from the single of the same name)


One of my favourite ever songs, it was originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon but for me the definitive version is by The Searchers. When The Boys first started back in 76 we used to cover this one, but could never get close to The Searchers version.


8.) ‘I Hate My Fucking Job’ – M.O.T.O. (from the album ‘Kill MOTO’)


When I went on a European acoustic tour at the end of last year I was supported on one of the gigs by Paul Caporino from MOTO, who is an extremely talented singer/songwriter. I was just blown away by the anthemic qualities of this tune, which just about everyone can relate to. Check out MOTO, they really have written some classics, which’ll put a smile on your face. And don’t forget to dance, dance, dance with the radio on!


9.) ‘Afterglow Of Your Love’ - The Small Faces (from the album ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’)


I just love The Small Faces. Has there ever been a better singer than Steve Marriot, I don’t think so!


10.) ‘Hier Kommt Alex’ - Die Toten Hosen (from the album ‘Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau’)


I first came across Die Toten Hosen in the late 80s when I was invited to join The Tower Block Rockers, who had a support slot on their latest tour. I was mesmerised by their live performance and in particular with this tune. I couldn’t believe that Campi was such a massive fan of The Boys. And don’t ever forget…the world is an orange!


11.) ‘Gary’s Song’ - Holton/Steel (from the album ‘Anthology’)


Gary Holton was often part of our entourage on Boys tours, he was such a fun guy to be around. When Cas left The Boys in 1980 he turned down The Ramones to join forces with Gary Holton and they became massive across Scandinavia. Cas invited me to play guitar on their 1981 Scandinavian tour and at the end of the tour I was sacked for being a bad influence on Gary!   I love this song which is yet another example of Casino Steel’s brilliance as a songwriter.


12.) ‘Gimme Shelter’ - The Rolling Stones (from the album ‘Let It Bleed’)


When The Boys first started out it was our manager Ken Mewis’ vision that we would become the new Rolling Stones although the vision of Matt Dangerfield, who led the direction of The Boys, was that we would be more like The Beatles. Whatever, this is a great Jagger/Richards composition and an all time classic.


13.) ‘He’ll Have To Go’ - Jim Reeves (from the album ‘He’ll Have to Go and Other Hits’)


My dear old Mum loved Jim Reeves so I heard a lot of his stuff when I was growing up and he’s released some fantastic tunes, he was certainly an influence on both me and my songwriting. I actually covered this song on an album I recorded with Pete Stride (of The Lurkers) back in the late 70s.